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Attend just about any thinQtank Learning class remotely

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thinQtank® Learning is taking online education to a new level. Our collaborative online learning solution provides stimulating, interactive training sessions using high-definition video, audio, multimedia sharing, and instant feedback tools. The bottom line - effective online training in a rich collaborative learning environment.

At thinQtank® Learning we believe that online classes are a valuable way to augment in-person classes and make continuing education more convenient and less costly for our students. We employ the latest technology and tools to help overcome the online instructional challenges of keeping our students engaged during class and ensuring information retention afterward. Our instructors teach online more naturally by using high-definition video for face-to-face interaction. Our students enjoy clear audio, video, and data sharing, and use breakout sessions to create collaborative and individualized learning experiences that improve material comprehension. Students can learn at their convenience through on-demand classes. Other program highlights include:

■    High-definition live video
■    Share multimedia, an application, or a whiteboard
■    Live breakout sessions and hands-on labs
■    Participate from your Android and iOS devices
■    Threaded Q&A, chat, polling, and quizzes

Virtual training is closely aligned with the way people work and learn today. Our live virtual training offers a highly adaptive, effective and continuous learning model that focuses on application, reflection and reinforcement of new knowledge and skills. Our Virtual Classroom also includes a variety of complementary online tools for disseminating training content and materials in formats that meet a diverse range of learning styles.

Engaging Students with Powerful Features

High-Definition Video, Integrated Audio with Telephony and Voice over IP Conferencing

All of our learners stay focused and interested with high-definition video of the instructor. The video experience includes Active Speaker, which switches the video automatically to focus on the current speaker, whether it be the instructor or a participating student. All participants also get clear reliable audio through a telephone bridge or voice over IP (VoIP).

Multimedia Sharing

Our instructors share PowerPoint presentations, documents, streaming videos, demonstration software, white boards, and Flash animations, and can even pass sharing and annotation privileges to students.

Polls and Attendee Feedback and Chat

Our instructors can collect feedback with one or more polls during a session, and instantly tabulate poll results to share with the class. Attendees can engage in private or public chat conversations with the instructor, another attendee, or the entire class.

Hands-On Lab Assistance

The unique Hands-On Lab Assistance feature provides instructors and participants with highly secure access to remote PCs for hands-on application learning and practice as well as lab assistance. Lab sessions may be conducted during live training sessions or on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

■    Is it less expensive to attend a course virtually?

In short - YES. Aside from the fact that our tuition fees for virtual participation can be reduced by up to twenty percent, there is significant savings in cost for travel. Often times, reducing the costs of training by eliminating expensive travel costs can mean the difference between having training approved or having the budget.

■    What kind of hands-on material can I expect to receive?

We offer all participants the option to receive (in advance) hard copies of training books, lab guides and other materials that will be used in the classroom. The Accelerated Exam Study Guides are delivered in advance of the training electronically along with all the necessary software required to ensure the highest success rate.

■    How will I participate in the hands-on labs?

In most of our training camps, we employ the use of live on-line labs, network simulation and emulation programs and other tools to deliver valuable hands-on lab experiences. These tools are an integral part of both instructor lead and virtual classroom learning and provide participants in both environments with a comprehensive learning experience. In the event that physical components are required for lab participation, arrangements will be made in advance to have the appropriate hardware available to our remote students at their location.

■    If exams are delivered in the classroom, how will I be able to take my exam?

Due to specific restrictions from Pearson VUE, exams cannot be delivered remotely. However, our program advisors work with our students to locate an authorized testing center in their area and will assist in scheduling the necessary exams. Often times, these appointments can be coordinated in conjunction with scheduled exam dates and times provided to the students participating on-site.

■    Will I be able to record the training?

Due to copyright restrictions, we do not permit the recording of virtual training sessions.


It probably goes without saying, but the benefits of keeping learners in the office or field during training are enormous and bear repeating. With live virtual training, learners are able to:

■    Connect training to their jobs and remain engaged with key projects and opportunities
■    Better integrate training into their day-to-day activities
■    Reduce travel-related hassles and improve quality of work life



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